Here Are Instructions On How To Use The Zero Bids eBay Search Tool

Using the zero bids tool is fun and easy. This eBay search tool provides simple search features for finding deals on eBay. By clicking on the 'Search a New Search' tab you can begin searching for auction items about to end that also have 0 bids. Simply enter a search keyword or start by selecting a category. Once you select a category the sub-categories will be listed with the number of available items in each sub-category. To return to the first tier of categories click the 'Top Categories' link on the top left side of the page.

The left-side of the Search a New Search page provides a high level list of categories. Once you select a category you'll view auction items that will be ending in one hour in the main body of the page. If no items appear in the main body of the page you can change the default 'ending in' setting of 1 hour to a higher value.

If you prefer, you can search by entering in a keyword and clicking the 'Search' button. Other options include setting a site to search, setting the min or max price of the search or even limiting search results to items with free shipping.